Q:Can you use a gel lamp to make it dry faster?
A:No. The nail lamp will not do anything to the drying process. It’s air dry and drying by using the sealer.

Q:Can you use the base as glue to apply tips?
A:Absolutely! Just make sure to rough up your nails and tips so it will adhere. I apply a dehydrator to my natural nails. Then I apply step 1 bond to both my nails and tips. Then I apply step 2 base coat to my tips and nails. I'm on day 7 doing this and no chips, cracks or popping off!

Q:How long does this dip powder last?
A:I would agree with 3 weeks...it depends on how hard ypu are on your nails. Mine start to chip and crack a little after 2 weeks, but if I keep up with them and fix the broken ones they cod last much longer.

Q:What is the ounces per pot?
A:0.34 ounce.

Q:Does all the colors have glitter in them?
A:No you get like 3-4 glitters and the rest are with out! I have bought two different sets I love them.